Personal Triathlon Coaching Customized To Your Life

With an OOB life triathlon coach you get personal, customized and time-efficient training. You get someone who is on your team. Let us help you realize your triathlon goals.


Supporting You On The Road To Your Goals

Over the last 10 years, OOB Life has coached thousands of people, from professional IRONMAN athletes to people who dreamed of finishing their first triathlon.

With OOB Life you get a personal coach that will get to know you. You can always find your schedule and communication with your coach in the OOB app, where you can also track your progress.

Our results

In 2018 the first two age group women to Finish IRONMAN World Championship on Hawaii were coached by OOB Life. We're specialized in helping people with a busy schedule achieve their ambitious triathlon goals.

Our story

OOB Life has 10+ years of experience in triathlon. First as a Danish company and now also in America.


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Happier, Healthier, Stronger

OOB Life's is based on "Happier, Healthier, Stronger" - But what does it mean?


We believe that sports should be about happiness. It's always our goal to leave our athletes motivated and happy - every day. We do that with personal communication and follow-ups and a training plan that takes into account that you have other things in your life.


We will make sure that your new plan will match your training background, your current shape and your ambitions - no matter your level. Through effective planning and an optimal balance between training and rest, we will make sure you won’t get injured or overtrained.


Based on both subjective and objective feedback from you, the communication with your coach, and tests and challenges in your training, your training will be scheduled by your OOB Life coach. The goal is that you become better and stronger - week after week. Our training programs are tailor-made for you so that you get the best possible development.

Follow Your Progress In The OOB Life App

Find your schedule, communicate with your coach and follow your progress

Overview of your training program and detailed info about each training set.
Communicate easily and fast with your personal OOB life coach
Follow your progress with stats, challenges and goals.
Jesper Fog, OOB life athlete and IRONMAN Hawaii participant
OOB life is just perfect for me. The training is adjusted 100% to my level and my needs. With 5 kids and a demanding job, my training is customized to my life - making me able to qualitfy for IRONMAN World Championship on Hawaii.