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We want the best for our users – a goal is a dream with a plan:

To inspire and motivate you to define and realize your dreams & goals.

Offer a personal, time-efficient plan that supports your dream.

Helps you realize your goal through personal coaching that makes them feel happier, healthier and stronger, every day – with an improved quality of life.

Stop working out – Start traning

We are the way to your success:



We believe in doing sports and training is all about happiness. This is always our utmost goal, to support our users in being motivated & happy – every day. We do this via personal communication and establishing a training plan that considers your priorities in life first, be it family, career and other priorities. When training makes you happy you will want to make it part of your life. When training becomes a habit, you will realize you goals!



We ensure that you get well aboard your training plan and adapt to good new training habits safely and fast. We ensure that your personal plan match your current shape and experience, whether you are a beginner or you already are an expert with loads of experience. Via effective planning, balancing the right amounts of training and rest, we help you avoid injuries and and overtraining.



The OOB life methodology, which is the base of all our services, has been proven with success literally with thousands users. We plan, work with you and listen to your daily feedback, to ensure you achieve an optimal, positive development in your shape. And further, we ensure, monitor and gives you confidence that you are getting better and stronger, week by week.

Easy access to your training plan and communicate with your coach via our very own OOB life app:

  • Seamless daily communication with your coach, receive direct feedback on each and every training passes realized.
  • Track your progress with stats, fun and motivating challenges and achievements
  • Real-time changes to plan when needed
  • Sign Up for a OOB life Performance Contract – where you shake hand with your coach, on mutual commitment to reach your most important goal

OOB Life success stories

You are only one step away from your own success story.

OOB Life Blog Posts

July 7, 2017

BY: Thomas Rohde


KMD Ironman Copenhagen 2016 was an amazing day for OOB life and our athletes. We have never had so many athletes on the start and finish line. OOB Life numbers...

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July 7, 2017

BY:Aleksandar Sørensen-Markovic


OOB Life is expanding and we have the pleasure to present our latest addition to the coach team, Vicenç Castellà. Vicenç is Catalan, 31 years old, has a background as...

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July 5, 2017

BY: oob


Exercise fatigue, nerves, lack of faith in yourself and low motivationis hardly anything anyone wants before an important race. Nevertheless, many make the same mistake that triggers all these bad...

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July 4, 2017


CATEGORY: Triathlon

Global, fast-lane wonderboy is the first thing that comes to mind when you meet Homer Bosch. Making a fast carreer in marketing, with such brands as Nike, Coca Cola  and Adidas,...

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