About us

We have an inspiring history in helping people:

OOB life has its roots in helping people. We seriously love helping people getting happier, healthier and stronger. The company was founded in Denmark, the happiest country in the world, back in 2011, when professional triathlete Aleksandar Sørensen-Markovic decided to make good use on his insights on sports performance and healthy lifestyle along with a burning desire to help people in their endeavours.

We all live the happier, healthier, stronger way ourselfs and have been taking our own medicine for ages. We support the fight against cancer with our initiative “Who is Number One”, where we donate our free time to send an important message. Read more about who is number one here.

We have ambitions – on your behalf:

We promise our users to strive with high ambitions, to always deliver a supreme, unparalleled quality and service to our customers, specializing in delivering a personal & online service within triathlon, running and cycling. fitness and wellness coaching.

All our coaches work full-time and more, to deliver to this promise. Each OOB life coach goes through a 6-month training program to be able to deliver this high standard of quality.

The Happier Healthier Stronger Way

We want the best for our users – a goal is a dream with a plan:

To inspire and motivate our users to define and realize their dreams & goals.

Offer a personal, time-efficient plan that supports your dream & goals.

Help users realize the goal through personal coaching that makes them feel happier, healthier and stronger, every day – with an improved quality of life

Stop working out, start training

the oob life team

Aleksandar Sørensen-Markovic

Aleksandar is a former professional triathlete and has since 2001 grown triathlon and endurance sports. As coach Aleksandar has trained professional athletes, national champions and record holders and developed many beginners to elite athletes in a short time.He has trained European and World CEO Ironman World Champion and has served as a consultant for professional athletes in several sports.

Thomas Rohde

Thomas has completed more than 20 marathons and 12 Ironman competitions. Thomas has been a Spanish age group champion in 2012 aged M35 and qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

Milos Salaski

Milos has run competitions for over 15 years and has coaching experience with both beginners and elite runners. In addition to being OOB coach Milos Serbian coach.

Iain Donnan

Iain has been running for 18 years and has served as a coach for 10 years in both the UK, USA, Sweden and Finland. Iain has won several Scottish and British championships and earned the fourth and sixth places for the World Fell Running. In addition, Iain through a scholarship at Western State University in Colorado earned to be 10x Alll American running.

Marc Martinez Miralles

Marc is one of the coaches in OOB life, which focuses on our Spanish athletes. In addition to working as OOB coach Marc a very accomplished triathlete who already four times qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Vicenç CASTELLÁ Serra

Vicenç has been an active triathlete since 2009. He qualified twice for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii and he is one of the best athletes in his AG. His 2017 goal is to achieve sub 9 hours in the KMD Ironman Copenhagen.

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