We Have a Passion For Helping People Reach Their Goals

Every year we coach a lot of people towards their triathlon goals, helping them define and realize the goals. Read about our story and how we do things here.


Training in Balance

Our philosophy is that there needs to be balance in your training, i.e. balance with the other elements of your life. We help beginners, serious age groupers, and pros with personal, time-efficient training.


Our story

Aleksandar Sorensen-Markovic started OOB Life in 2011, using the knowledge he had achieved as a professional triathlete. Aleksandar has been on the Danish junior basketball team, accomplished top 10 results in official IRONMAN races and coached more than 1000 triathletes.

The fight against Cancer

OOB Life has created the project "WHO IS NUMBER ONE" that creates awareness about a healthy lifestyle against cancer. The project has events leading up to the annual KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen race.

Happier, Healthier, Stronger

OOB Life's is based on "Happier, Healthier, Stronger" - But what does it mean?


We believe that sport should be about happiness. It's always our goal to leave our athletes motivated and happy. Every day. We do that with personal communication and follow ups and a training plan that takes in to account that you have other things in your life. If your training makes you happy, there is a bigger chance your will make it a permanent part of your life. When training becomes a habit, big goals can be accomplished.


We want to make sure that you get started with your training and quickly get some good habits. We will make sure that your new plan will match your training background, din current shape and your ambitions - No matter your level. Through effective planning and an optimal balance between training and restitution, we will make sure you wont get injured or overtrained.


Based on both subjective and objective feedback from you, the communication with your coach and tests and challenges in your training, your training will be scheduled by your OOB life coach. The goal is that you become better and stronger - Week for week. Our training programs are tailormade to you, so you get the best possible development.

Follow Your Progress In The OOB Life App

Find your schedule, communicate with your coach and follow your progress

Overview of your training program and detailed info about each training set.
Communicate easily and fast with your personal OOB life coach
Follow your progress with stats, challenges and goals.
Over the last 7 years we have worked with OOB Life to promote triathlon as a sport in Denmark. OOB Life's knowledge about the sport and about training is unique and their method has helped both beginners and pros achieve amazing results at our races. OOB Life has become one of the leading providers of triathlon coaching and they have our warmest recommendation.