Balancing worklife and training in the fast lane – Interview with Homer Bosch

July 4, 2017


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Global, fast-lane wonderboy is the first thing that comes to mind when you meet Homer Bosch. Making a fast carreer in marketing, with such brands as Nike, Coca Cola  and Adidas, this Catalan powerhouse is now rocking the socks of Monster Energy, managing their EMEA Communications, travelling the world, while balancing the home-front and some agressive, personal goals within Ironman Racing. Homer has been training with OOB Life for a bit more than a year now and has made massive progress along the way. We caught up with Homer right after he qualified for the 70.3 Ironman World Championships, placing 4th in 70.3 Ironman Barcelona:

Tell us a bit about your dreams and objectives in your training:
Well, frankly I never had too big hopes in terms of racing. I travel a lot and have a busy schedule, so my first goal when I joined OOB Life was just to complete an Ironman race in good conditions, i.e. in a good shape – to enjoy as much as possible, having a great the experience. I achieved that and more.

I knew that it was going to be a hard journey so I thought that the first step to achieve it, was to be advised by experts, which is why I turned to OOB Life. I did a few Half Ironmans and then finished my first Ironman in 2014. This year in Barcelona, honestly without expecting it (though Coach Thomas Rohde told me I would indeed happen) my wildest dream came true – I finished 4th and earned a a slot to compete in the Ironman 70.3 World Championship at Zell Am Zee. I can definitely say that the OOB Life coaching philosophy and methodology worked well for me – and took me much further than I’ve ever would ever imagine. My agenda and extensive travel plans gets taking into consideration, when we do the training planning of each month with my coach.

What keeps you so motivated in your day-to-day training? 
First thing that keeps me motivated is that now I’ve learned to enjoy while I’m training. This is definitely something you have to learn if you wanna keep progressing. The program can be tough at times, there is a strong focus on high intensity in the training – but I enjoy this and it helps me as a first step to find the motivation day to day.
As you move forward in the training program, you always have a good idea whether you are improving all the time. You optimize your trainings so you are more efficient and you feel stronger. We do functional tests (swimming, biking and running) throughout the season and you can see a clear evolution. That keeps me very motivated and eager to keep pushing harder and harder.

It’s also important to set a big goal on a mid term, could be a shorter test race. This ultimately proves that I have been going through the right path that allowed me to achieve something I would never imagined before, and sometimes (I can confirm that) the result goes beyond your expectations.

What do you consider valuable differences on training with OOB Life? 
In my case I have a really busy job, with a huge amount of travels, so the most important thing to me was to find a training program and coach that could offer me this flexibility, a versatile system that I could fit into my pretty tight schedule. And at the same time could keep me motivated and, of course, be very effective and improve my shape and performance. This is exactly what OOB Life offers you, the personalized attention, an assessment of your time that allow you to fit in your day to day. Nothing is standard or generic in my training plan – its tailored to fit my agenda, so I don’t have to prioritize, so I seldom skip a training. Stability in the training week after week is cruzial for succes.

Secondly I would definitely say that the effectiveness of training sessions, you realize that you can condense your dedication translated in more effective trainings. You can rest more and you get better results. I think that this is a common fault that a lot of triathletes do. To think that the more hours invested, the better. With OOB Life I realized that is not 100% true. For me, it’s even better if you have less hours, but with the high quality offered by the OOB Life methodology. I train 8-10 hours a week – not more.

Finally, I would say the amount of different exercises that makes the training more enjoyable. There is always something new that breaks the boring routine – sometimes you have hard sessions of maybe 30 seconds to build power, then you switch back to more endurance work and so on – it’s really easy and you really enjoy week by week and month by month.I am enjoying much more, while achieving my goals and at the same time.

We wish you all the best, Homer – and we’re looking forward to following you during the World Championships and Ironman Barcelona in October.

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