Check out #ooblife on Instagram – more than 5000 posts

Over the years a lot of the OOB athletes have shared their training and big moments with the sport on Instagram.

Sharing your experiences, everyday stuff, ups and downs and those big moments that comes with doing triathlon is both motivating for yourself, but you also have the chance of inspiring people around you. We often talk with OOB athletes who gets a lot of sharing, blogging etc.

A lot of OOB athletes have used the hashtag #ooblife. Actually there are now over 5.500 posts with that hashtag on Instagram, which we think is a bit crazy and super cool. Instagram is not something we have been so good at using yet, but we really appreciate people using that hashtag.

That’s why we have now made a section on our frontpage showing the latest photos from the hashtag.

If you’re on Instagram you should go check out the other OOB athletes. We would be super happy if you would also share your moments under the hashtag.

Happy training!

Nikolaj is responsible for all the marketing at OOB life. He has previously used OOB life himself to get ready for IRONMAN, marathons and ultra trail races.