OOB life results 8th – 22nd of April 2019

The last two weekends has been quite busy for the OOB athletes. It’s still very early in the season and most are still a bit out from their main goals of the seasons. That said, we had a good bunch of OOB athletes racing. All the results can be found right here:

Paris Marathon

Anne Kirk Larsen – 3:50:31 – Improvement of 7 minutes compared to last year Marathon in New York
Dennis Roslev – 3:32:30 – Personal best for more than 2 minutes

Nike Marathon Test 21 km (Copenhagen)

Marianne Bek – 2:09:10 – Improved more than 5 min compared to last year
Brian Clausen – 1:50:16 – Personal record with 2 minutes!!!

Dirty Jylland – 200 km gravel bike race (Denmark)

Henrik Larsen – 09:49:24

Ærø Ultra Run 60 km (Denmark)

Dennis Worholm – 6:24:27 – 8th overall. Great performance by Dennis where he surprised himself and delivered a great performance!

Birkeroed BC – B-class (cycling race in Denmark)

Alexander Olsen – 1:01:29 – 14th overall.

Ribes de Frese – 34 km /2200 hm (Spain)

Stine Bækgaard Olsen – 04:54:43

Tri Deltebre Short

Ferran Almeda – 2:32:37 – Good feelings during the race

Hedelands Naturtrail (trail run in Denmark)

Christian Slot Munk – 1:56:12 – Ended up strong so happy with the result as it was just a prep race for next goals! 24th place on first trail race ever.

Cyprus April Joke half Ironman

Karen Ayse Salih – 4:59:38 – 2nd women over all. Great start of the season for Ayse. Next race i Barcelona 70.3

DGI Trail Cup Nordjylland – 5 km (trail run in Denmark)

Thomas Larsen – 00:19:52 – Thomas finished 5th in this race and won the overall DGI Trail Cup
Chanette Andersen – 00:34:38 – Chanette finished 5th overall in the whole DGI Trail Cup

DGI Nordjysk Trail Cup: Forest to the Bay (trail run in Denmark)

Kasper Laumann Hartlev – 1:17:30 – Overall victory.

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