Exercise fatigue – avoid getting burned out on race day

July 5, 2017


Exercise fatigue, nerves, lack of faith in yourself and low motivationis hardly anything anyone wants before an important race.

Nevertheless, many make the same mistake that triggers all these bad vibration before their race.

When the race move closer, nerves often begin to play with you.

Do not focus only on what you should train, but what you do not have to train

As the race is moving closer, as the training will be intensified and your shape is getting better, it’s easy to forget that exercise and form improvements do not just depend on how hard you push yourself in exercise.

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Immediately not a bad thing, but it can bring challenges.

The harder your training days become, the easier your easy days must be

It may be very difficult to have discipline to take it easy while exercising when the race move closer.

It is a problem that often causes many to push themselves harder than needed

Remember why you are training

Focus on progress and shape improvements, so keep in mind that exercise progression consists of three parts:

Training + Rest = Shape improvement.

How to know if you need to back off?

Basically, the rule is this: If you are in doubt, if you are going to complete a hard workout, you are not in doubt (back off).

Get help for your last training

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Happy training!