Meet new OOB Life coach – Vicenç Castellá

januar 31, 2017

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OOB Life is expanding and we have the pleasure to present our latest addition to the coach team, Vicenç Castellà.

Vicenç is Catalan, 31 years old, has a background as a journalist and a strong track record with sports and triathlon related business and will be full-time engaged with OOB life in our new headquarters in Barcelona.
So along with Marc Miralles, Thomas Rohde and Aleksandar Sørensen-Markovic, we are now four man strong delivering services across Europe from the Ciudad Condal.

We have asked Vicenç a few questions, for you to get to know him:


Vicenç – welcome to the team. Are you excited to get going with OOB Life?
Thank you guys! Yes, for sure! I’m very excited joining OOB Life. I love sport, I love triathlon and I love helping people to reach their goals! I know OOB Life well and the great result with the athletes – I think there is no other place I rather be!

Tell us a bit about your background in sports & triathlon?
I’ve been related to sport all my life and I can’t imagine living without sport. My first triathlon was back in 2009 and from the very first moment I realized, that this sport is going to be an important part of my life for the following years and it still is. Now I have completed 11 Ironman, twice in Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and my best Ironman was is 9 hours 07 minutes in Ironman Vichy, but I feel confident that I can shave some minutes of in 2017, going for sub9!

What is the biggest thing you have experienced with triathlon?
During all this years I had the opportunity to meet amazing people and discover outstanding places because of triathlon. Sharing races and passion with people worldwide it’s an incredible experience I will treasure for the rest of my life!

What is you inspiration in your own training? What keeps you motivated?
I had experienced a massive improvement during this last years and the main reason is stability. Training makes my life more happy. When you are happy, life is better, so I just do what I love. We have an amazing world out there, so there is no better way to explore it thank swimming, riding or running!

And finally – do you have any good advice for the OOBers out there?
You only live once so enjoy it! Be confident with everything you do, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself with sporting goals. Just go step by step and enjoy all the way. If you do this it’s easier to succeed! So remember, stay happier, healthier , stronger 🙂 !