Besides obviously being a big fan of traveling, I’m also very interested in education. I’m probably a bit critical about traditional education, but I think there are so many other ways to learn and create a good mindset, develop skills and be a happy person. Travel is one of them and I believe it’s incredibly important for especially young people to travel.

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I actually believe that young people should be motivated and pushed even more towards traveling than they are now. Yes, there are a lot of programs, a lot of young people take a gap year, but it’s far from the majority. I don’t like forcing people to do something, I prefer motivating people.

Instead of making traveling something you have to do while for example studying, I think gap year travel should be tax deductible. Doing that, governments would send a clear signal to their young people that travel is good and that it’s valued. This would encourage more young people to take a gap year and they would get more out of that gap year. Instead of working 8 months to be able to travel 4 months, maybe they can just work 4 months and travel 8 months.

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I think that if more young people traveled it would be good for them and it would be good for society. Let me explain you why: